Itacoa Legends 2017: Part One




Images and text by Thomas Ekman

It all starts here, in an Eagle bus breaking down on Mexico Hwy 19 north of Cabo San Lucas.  I just got back from California a couple hours ago, and now I’m stuck on the side of the road watching a beautiful sunset over a pristine Baja beach.   It’s simply too pretty to complain.


Itacoa Legends 2017 in Rio – now dubbed the “World Championship of Bodysurfing -- is on everyone’s mind.  I’m texting Lucas to make sure he has a competitors board set up and pix of me for promo materials (I keep telling him those promos will get me some action), I’m talking with my sponsor Todd at Sole to see what products we should bring down, I’m sending goofy and x-rated messages to my uber-host Thiago, who not only reached out to me last year and made it possible for me to participate, but this year is letting me stay at his apartment(!)  Jacuzzisurfer, the gifted videographer who’s been working with Mark Drewelow, is shacking up with Lucas.


This contest is really about a showcase of brotherhood.  As I reported last year, Rio has a tight crew of 300+ dudes who are all dedicated bodysurfers.  I was completely blown away by the warm reception they extended to us Californians last summer.  Now that we’ve all been staying in touch on Facebook, the anticipation for this summer is boiling over.  


School’s out for the summer. I’m a bilingual science teacher here in Mexico, and I don’t really have any excuse to sit around my little town of Todos Santos.  The sandbars are still not focusing the south swells at La Pastora yet;  it’s closed-out and disappointing.  I can’t see why I should waste even one day to launch the campaign I’ve been dreaming about through the school year:  an all-out assault on 5 different A-class waves on the Mexican mainland.  A 15-day training gauntlet in preparation for Itacoa Legends.


Right now, my sights are locked on El Cardon (Sinaloa); San Blas;  Pascuales;  La Ticla;  and the Ixtapa region.  I’ve got friends along the way.  And then I’ll park in long-term at the Mexico City airport on July 20 and fly down to Legends in Rio.



It’s a rough life.  But somebody’s gotta do it.  Now I gotta pack, and make the ferry across from La Paz to Mazatlan tomorrow


Somehow, the bus driver used that Mexican mechanic magic and got us moving again.  As we reach my town, I realize its time to pack and begin the odyssey.

Thomas Ekman, J.D., M.Ed.
Thomas Ekman, J.D., M.Ed.


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