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Finally, They're Here! –Load Up On the Ultimate Bodysurfing Tray!

If they say “Good things come to those who wait” then this must be one helluva good thing. After two years of testing and tweaking these purveyors of fun in small surf, big surf, good surf and crappy surf, we have hit upon a delicious recipe. Checking in at 13 ½” x 17” and 8 ounces they have plenty of planning surface to catch the smallest of waves and are light enough to easily swim with in big surf. Just check out these other delicious ingredients:


 The Lunch Lady Tray by Sole Handplaneslunch lady bodysurfing tray


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Why buy a Sole Handplane? Not only do we offer a solid

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 Our planes also offer:

• The best strap in the business

• proven unparalleled toughness and lightness

• Superior hold in the wave face

• Eco-conscious core & surface materials

• Made in the USA

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