Sole Bodysurfing Handplanes - Moontail Woodie

What Our Customers Are Saying...

Was really pleased with my new Sole handplane[s]. The product is beautiful and top-notch... Just ordered my 3rd Sole plane” –Thomas, South Shore, Hawaii

The handplanes arrived fine. Just in time to use them on vacation on Oahu. Was very pleased with how they worked. Its an excellent product - a lot of fun, easy to swim with, great at holding a line and really gets the body up higher out of the water. I can see and hold a line much better. -Dave, Sacramento County, California

I'm loving the Pocket Rocket. I was out in some hollow, fast surf this evening and the board performed very well - really good grip on the steep faces and great down the line speed. Thanks for the great purchase, I'm really happy with the plane. -Harry, San Diego, California

... I only need to get the Moon Tail now to complete the full trio of Sole boards and to have the right board for any condition - I can also stop my worldwide search for the best handplane, as Sole has it all! -Regards, Harry, Cape Town, South Africa

Just wanted to send a quick note of praise. I own a few hand planes and the strap you put in yours is by far the best I've come across. -Brady, Maui, HI

…the moon tail is the ONE for these steep ones, no lie!! So stoked u invented it!! I never wanna ride without it dude. -Vincent, Orange County, California

Another great day with my Sole Handplane! -Alex, San Diego, California

... thanks again for the amazing customer service! -Jim, Gloucester, MA

Got the pocket rocket a few days ago, thank you! Beautiful hand plane, can't wait to try it out. -Phil 

Sole Body Surfing Handplanes