We love bodysurfing hollow beach break that’s because our Pocket Rocket model is designed with speed, performance and control in mind. Measuring a sporty 6 1/2" x 10 3/4" it fits into tight places and keeps you high and dry in the pocket. The thin edge and radical concave give max bite while the long, straight rails provide down-the-line speed. Can you say travel time?

If you're 160+, we would suggest the Moon Tail. With a little more surface area for planning than the Pocket Rocket, the Moon Tail is our best all-around and most popular performance handboard. The generous 7 1/2" x 12 1/2" dimensions come in handy while bodysurfing smaller, mushier waves. The concave is the same on all of our models models so you get the same lift and performance; the pointier nose on the moon tail makes take-offs easier.



The Pintail -We wanted a plane with extra planing surface for those small mushy days. As it turns out the extra surface area makes it easy to catch waves of any size especially big waves, and with Sole Handplanes' signature concave  there’s plenty of control and stability. This may not be your everyday stick, but it's nice to have in your quiver for those other days.


The reason Sole handplanes are the plane of choice for high performance body surfing is because their extremely thin profile and small surface area offer minimal resistance while swimming and maneuvering though large powerful surf. Boards that have a lot of foam can put of pressure on the arm and are heavily influenced by the forces of the waves. Sole Handplanes’ unique concave design takes advantage of the principles of planning (hydrodynamic lift) instead.

As the handboard travels horizontally through the water, the concave of the board’s sole (bottom surface) forces the incoming water downward. This results in a reactionary force upward on the board and subsequently the bodysurfer. Therefore it’s not about flotation but about the design of the planning surface and its ability to plane that most influences the performance of the hand board.

Whether you’ve just started handboarding or you’re a salted veteran, choosing the right tool for the job is important. A lot depends on the type of waves you ride and your weight. The beginning bodysurfer may want a little larger board while the more experienced rider could benefit from the nuances and performance found in a smaller board. Since Sole Handplanes are true planning devices and don’t rely on the flotation properties of foam; surface area, concavity and outline design is key to how they perform.


 Enjoy the Simple Pleasure of Bodysurfing!

Sole Body Surfing Handplanes