Define Yourself

Bodysurfers on the beachWe are artists and surfers and yogis. We are lovers of nature, travel, and having fun. We love making things more than buying them. We collect, friendships, memories, images and passport stamps. We have enough stuff. We are building a company based on our values.


bodysurfing sole handplanes scramble for the rocks
Our respect for the natural environment is what drives us to create well-designed products that use up-cycled and post-consumer materials. We love to travel but we love coming home.

bodysurfing sole handplanes shandstand
Our products are designed and manufactured right here where we live, in California, USA; supporting our local community, ensuring the product is ethically made, and shortening (way shortening) transportation costs and the environmental impact. We are able to nurture all aspects of production, making sure we are doing it right.

bodysurfing sole handplanes flat in the shorepound
Our vision from the beginning was to have fun designing great body surfing products while supporting local surfers, makers and artisans.

bodysurfing sole handplanes going over the falls
Sure we make awesome products but we couldn't do it without a community. Goal number one is the well being of all who are a part of the Sole Collective and of the greater community.


bodysurfing sole handplanes tube riding with sunglasses
We value the individuals who strive to improve their lives and the lives of others. We value those who keep their bodies fit, their minds sharp and inspire us with their creativity, and sometimes, their knuckleheadedness.