Body Surfing Handplane: Pocket Rocket, Woodie



Benefit: Control in heavy situations

This Body Surfing Handplane is for you if feel the need for speed.

Big things come in small packages and our Pocket Rocket packs heat. With dimensions just larger than your hand, it has all the planing surface needed to bomb waves of consequence. The thin edge and Sole Handplanes signature concave give max bite while the long, straight rails provide down-the-line drive. Its small profile makes swimming and beat-downs a breeze. This is the go-to plane of some of our most fearless riders. Ready to go rogue? Go ahead and drop in on a Pocket Rocket!


Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 10 3/4"


Laser engraved top & bottom.

Includes free removable wrist tether.

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Sole Body Surfing Handplanes