Don't Be The Guy That Doesn't Surf

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Bodysurfing Will Change Your Life in 45 Minutes or Less

Didn’t go surfing last weekend because the surf was too small? Were you counting on surfing to get you through Humpday? Now it’s Friday afternoon and your can’t-do attitude has left you with a pile of work on your desk. No afternoon session for you! At least there are Finally Friday Beer Specials to look forward to.
Remember that day you were running early for work but didn’t have quite enough time to paddle out and deal with the crowd?
And then there are those times driving down the coast seeing clean hollow surf at some random spot? There was no one out. It looked super fun, but a little closed out and not super great for board surfing so you kept on driving.
Feeling a little out of shape, run down and have a serious case of the Monday Blues? How many times did you hit the snooze button this morning?
Do you miss that sinus drain? And salt on your skin and in your hair?


Throw a pair of fins in your trunk and be the guy that gets 45 minutes of tube time before or after work. You’ll be on fire and killing it on the job all week!

Don’t be that guy in the other office. Check out our line of bodysurfing gear!

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