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moontail, woodie $99.99 USD 

pintail, woodie $99.99 USD

whomper, cork $89.99 USD

It’s an undeniable fact that using a body surfing handplane gives you more lift, speed and control over just using your body. Using a hand board makes a big difference in high performance as well as riding small mushy waves. 

Using the principle of hydrodynamic lift, a handplane works in the same manner as does a racing boat -the faster it moves, the more the boat lifts out of the water, reducing drag and allowing even greater speed.

As the handboard travels horizontally through the water, the concave of the board’s sole (bottom surface) forces the incoming water downward. This results in a reactionary force upward on the board and subsequently the bodysurfer, lifting both out of the water and reducing drag.  Our signature concave also provides more hold on the face of a wave than does a flat handplane and it provides the plane directional abilities as does a skeg on a surfboard. 

100% Satisfaction GuaranteeSole Handplanes has been leading the way when it comes to high performance  bodysurfing. Our lightweight, thin profile handboards are the go-to choice for some of the world's best bodysurfers. Whether you’ve just started handboarding or you’re a salted veteran, choosing the right tool for the job is important. Our handplanes are tested and proven to provide the ultimate bodysurfing experience.Using a handboard may not be for everyone, but that’s no excuse not to throw one behind the seat of your truck. Why not? It doesn’t take up much room and you probably have a pair of fins back there anyway. Next time you’re sitting there looking at smoking little drainers charging through your favorite beachbreak, you’ll have just what you need for a little extra travel time in said drainers. That handplane is also going to greatly increase the odds of you popping out of your next barrel and who doesn’t want that?


Sole handplanes, made in californiaBodysurfing hand planes make great travel partners along with your fins. It's awesome to have your gear handy for that impromptu go out at that random beach break you just spotted from your car window. Or the last-light go out when you don’t want to bother with a surfboard -it’s frickin great to be able to grab a handplane and fins before riding your bike down to the beach for the sunset or for a mid-afternoon cool off. It’s nice to be able to say “well, whad’ya know –fun looking surf, sure glad I have my gear with me!”

Note that you can also throw ‘em in your suitcase or backpack and not pay ridiculous oversize luggage fees. Hell you can just carry the damn things on the airplane with you –can you say no lost gear? Scenario: quick cab or bus ride to the airport; walk on the airplane in your flips and trunks with your fins and hand board. Next thing you know you’ve scored seriously overhead Colorado’s in Nica, you’re back home stoked out of your gourd –and no one even knew you were gone. Stealthy.

Sole Handplanes: enhancing the simple pleasure of bodysurfing

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