Using Your Handplane

February 25, 2016

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How do I Use a Handplane?

sole bodysurfing handplanes - mark and vincent
Ambassadors and goofballs @overboarddad & @goodvibes_84

Before we get started on the basics of handplaning or bodysurfing, lets talk a little about the handplane itself. Common questions are: do I need...

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How to Catch a Wave in Deep Water

Underwater bodysurfing take-off
Photo: Mark Tipple/Solent News

How you catch a wave in deep water requires some practice. The best bodysurfing waves are the steepest and hollowest waves. The bigger the wave the more momentum you need to catch the wave so fins are necessary. The techniques for catching a wave are numerous but...

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How to Bodysurf

February 23, 2016

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Bodysurfing 101

Vincent Amendola

Partially an art and partially a sport, bodysurfing is about technique rather than strength or physical ability. We've all probably tried it at some point, some with more success than others. Bodysurfing is...

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Bodysurfing Etiquette

wave etiquette

The ocean belongs to everyone. The best advice is...

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What is Bodysurfing?

February 10, 2016

Bodysurfer ay Marine Street in La Jolla, California
Nothing factual is known about the origins of bodysurfing, but it's possible that humans were inspired to emulate wave-riding sea animals such as dolphins and seals. Bodysurfing certainly predates...

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