Thomas Ekman, J.D., M.Ed.

Solerider: Tom Ekman, Paragliding over Scripps

Favorite plane: Whomper – it’s the most versatile. I always use a second plane for my trailing arm. I have 9 Sole Handplanes. 

Type of waves: hollow reef breaks on O’ahu (Queens, Panics, Suicides)

Biggest wave: 5 ft Hawaiian/+ 8 foot face

Favorite thing: Looong rides (up to 1/8 mile); night surfing.

# Sessions: over 100.

Goal: Pull a backspin on a wave. If it weren’t for fins, I could do it. I’ve gotten halfway.

When not bodysurfing: I think about bodysurfing. Paraglide. Bike. Resistance train.

Quote: “I’ve been a bodysurfer my whole life, which is funny because I just started last year.”

Ed note: Check out Tom's great blog entry and killer vid filmed at Point Panic here...


paragliding selfie


The Sole Collective
The Sole Collective


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