The Simple Pleasure of Bodysurfing

Remember When?

handplane surfing urt womp
Good Times at the Urt Womp, 2015

Remember learning to surf? Sure you do. Remember body-boarding? Remember when boogie boards first came out? How fun that was? Now everyone has one. And before that, remember when we were big kids just whomping shore break? Feeling what it was like to be propelled by a wave, riding it as far as it would go before it shook you like a rag doll? Remember being even younger, learning to swim and staying in the shallows just getting tossed around by the waves but you could still touch bottom so it was ok?

inflatable fun bodysurfing sole handplanes
Alternative 'Surf' Craft

Before that, remember when you were just a toddler, holding your parent’s hand as you experienced the waves splashing your chubby little legs. You didn’t even know how to swim and you already knew waves were awesome. We’ve always loved the ocean, everybody does.

good times bodysurfing with goodvibes and sole handplanes
Vincent Amendola, AKA @Goodvibes_84, always knows how to have fun

hydrodynamic lift and concavity sole handplanes @goodvibes_84

Sure athletes bodysurf but you don’t have to be an athlete to do it. Bodysurfing is for everyone. Because a Sole Handplane gives your hand a structured and larger surface area, it allows you to push yourself up and into a wave. It’s as simple as that. A Sole Handplane is just a tool for helping you extend that bodysurfing ride.

beginner or expert the whomper handplane by sole handplanes
Bodysurfing has no age limits!

Just like a boogie board is fun for everyone, a handplane is fun for everyone too. At Sole Handplanes we think everyone should own a handplane or two. The bonus over a body board or a surfboard? It fits comfortably in your suitcase or in your beach bag!



Leap of Her
Leap of Her


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