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Sole Handplanes introduced our Summer 2016 line at the Boardroom Show in Del Mar, California. Industry feedback was super positive as was the response from the attendees. We’ve brought back the Woodies and the Pintail model, both with a new look and new materials. We have also upgraded the Whomper! You’ll notice in the new look line that we have replaced the foam core with a cork core. Not only is the cork stronger, it’s a renewable resource.

The Pintail

The Pintail is the shape that started it all. New for 2016 is added length that will come in handy for those small mushy days. But we’ve also found that the added surface area increases lift and works well on those big days when you need more glide early on take-offs. The Pintail is part of the Woodie Series, available in a sweet Chestnut with a printed two-tone stringer. SHOP

The Moontail

Available now as a Woodie, our most popular plane is sure to be even more so. Same great performance in an awesome new look! All of our planes are made in California, supporting local people and local business. SHOP

The Whomper

Cork is good! The awesomeness of cork means the new Whomper is lighter and more flexible, reducing arm fatigue and strain. The cork gives the top surface a natural non-slip grip. And cork is a renewable resource. All are great reasons to get your hand on a Whomper! SHOP

9th Annual Chubascos Huntington Beach Championships of Bodysurfing & Handplaning
Saturday & Sunday, August 13-14, 2016
Location: Southside of Huntington Beach Pier, Towers 1 & 3, Huntington Beach, CA
Time: First heat - 8:00 AM
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40th Annual World Bodysurfing Championships  Approximately 350-400 bodysurfers from around the world will compete in their respective age divisions for trophies and prizes. The Men and Women's Grand Champions will be announced Sunday afternoon on the final day.
When: Saturday & Sunday, August 20 & 21, 2016.
Time: First heat begins at 6:30 AM each morning.
Where: Oceanside Pier, Oceanside, CA
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The Sole Collective
The Sole Collective


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