The Urt Womp

Point Loma in the Background -A Stellar Backdrop for The Urt Womp Presented by URT! URT!

The Urt Womp also suffered from a lack of surf, though the smooth surface conditions and pleasant weather were all time. SoleRiders @sk8thestateca, @corbin138, @rickshara, @alexwest_coast & @jojax fought hard ‘til the bitter end, with @sk8thestateca ultimately coming away with the coveted first place wooden flipper in the handplane division.

The good folks at @URTURT guaranteed a fun event by implementing the Small Surf Scoring Protocol with rules such as King of the Island and the Party Wave. They also deducted points for such things as gratuitous spinning. As per usual, WOMPers wearing wetsuits were looked upon by their fellow WOMPees as half-breeds. We won't go into the walk of shame -you'll just have to come next year to find out what that was.

Will we be back next year?
Yew betcha!

Gratuitous spin?

Corbin Brown looking for the Womp

Party Wave!

Todd Partridge
Todd Partridge


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