Shenanigans as usual at the URT WOMP

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bodysurfing whomp shorebreak

You've heard the term 'followthrough' most likely. But our man Vincent Anthony Amendola, AKA @goodvibes_84, takes follow through to the next level. A master...

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The Wave

Itacoa is hard to compare to any other wave. It’s one-part Dominical, one-part Waimea shorebreak, and one-part Baker Beach. The Itacoa Legends 2016 event was more like an epic family gathering than a competition. The “Fish Man”, who stars in his own bodysurfing TV series (and is credited with blowing up the sport in Rio) was just one of the crew...

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Sole Handplanes introduced our Summer 2016 line at the Boardroom Show in Del Mar, California. Industry feedback was super positive as was...

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the factory making sole handplanes
The craftsmen at work
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 gear bag for bodysurfing open with swim fins bodysurfing gear bag front view body surfing gear bag - back view

The crew at Sole has created the very first bag designed exclusively with the bodysurfer in mind.

Featuring durable, waterproof, re-purposed billboard vinyl. This versatile backpack is great for swimmers and beachgoers as well. Strategically placed all-weather mesh panels allow you to easily shake out excess sand while letting moisture evaporate. There’s nothing else like it...

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sole handplanes - tom tube riding

By Tom Ekman •

“Are those handboards you’re using? Cool! Did you make those yourself?”

So goes a comment I heard regularly at the various breaks of W. Guerrero, Mex. over the last 6 weeks. Everywhere I go, I have to appreciate the fact that bodysurfers get respect. Any boardsurfer who sees you trimming along on a wave knows it’s all about soul (ahem…or, “Sole”).

It’s been an adjustment going from long, consistent reefs on O`ahu to thumping, desolate (and sharky) beachbreaks. But my first wave at La Barrita, I realized why the whomp! is so compelling.

6- to 8-foot faces, glassy and light blue, these waves were sucking so hard off the sandbar that as I looked over the shoulder paddling out, it looked like the water on the inside was 5 feet lower.   If that was a reef on O’ahu, you’d have to have a death wish to drop in.

But this was just sand, dammit! And my...

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Wyatt Yee

In case you didn’t hear about it, SoleRider Wyatt Yee of Honolulu, HI, placed second in the Men’s Handboard Division of the Oahu Bodysurfing Championships. The contest...

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By Thomas Ekman, J.D., M.Ed. • 

I started surfing in 1987, but until last year, I had no idea that you could bodysurf down-the-line. In 2014, I was dating a pro-am surfer chick on O’ahu, and (to avoid embarrassing comparisons) I would paddle out with a water cam and shoot pix of her shredding. I bought a...

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bodysurfing wipeout

By: Todd Partridge • 

Yeah, I get it. Bodysurfing has a reputation for being about a ½ second free-fall into painfully shallow water ten feet from dry sand. Yes there are feats of bravado, finesse and gamesmanship taking place –think figure eight racing or squirlsuit flying, and it makes for great video. That’s all well and good if you’re a flexible and carefree 13 year old (well maybe not figure eight racing or squirlsuiting). For most of us we’ll end up breaking our necks or dislocating various body parts. The best we can hope for on...

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beach wetsuits men surfers

By: Leap of Her •

Here’s the thing guys. We love to watch you surf, we really do. If only we could see you. At my guy’s favorite break he’s usually one of at least 10 small black specks in the big  blue. And he’s not the guy that finds a spot and stays there waiting for the set to come in. He is constantly moving. So if I look away for a minute, I’ve lost him. Of course I recognize him once he stands up, but I have to know where he is first, otherwise I miss most of the ride. Forget about getting a good...

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By: Todd Partridge •

Apparently using a handboard is not for everyone, but that’s no excuse not to throw one behind the seat of your truck. I mean, why not? It doesn’t take up much room and you probably have a pair of fins back there anyway. Next time you’re sitting there looking at smoking little drainers charging through, you’ll have just what you need for a little extra travel time in said drainers. That handplane is also going to greatly increase the odds of you popping out of your next barrel and who doesn’t want that? Yeah, sure there are ‘purists’ that think it’s uncool or...

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cheeky swimwear

By: Leap of Her • 

The ass is having a moment. No question. It’s all anyone is talking about.

Gone are the days when your girl would ask you “does my ass look fat in these jeans?” in hopes that your answer would be NO. (The answer to that question, btw is always “you look amazing, babe”)

Not convinced by the Kim Kardashian/Nikki Minaj/IggyAzalia trifecta? Head to the beach. The female posterior has been having its moment on SoCal beaches for years, and  we are happy to...

Victoria's Secret

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puredrift water filtersSole Handplanes is proud to partner with Pure Drift on their mission to buy and distribute filters that will clean 200,000,000 gallons of water for people who don’t have access to clean water along the coast of North, Central and South America. Please join us in supporting this great cause by visiting their gofundme page, see link below. The campaign runs from July 1st to July 31st.

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