The Real Reason We love to watch you surf

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By: Leap of Her •

Here’s the thing guys. We love to watch you surf, we really do. If only we could see you. At my guy’s favorite break he’s usually one of at least 10 small black specks in the big  blue. And he’s not the guy that finds a spot and stays there waiting for the set to come in. He is constantly moving. So if I look away for a minute, I’ve lost him. Of course I recognize him once he stands up, but I have to know where he is first, otherwise I miss most of the ride. Forget about getting a good picture. 

It’s always good to be at the ocean, looking out at the surf, even if we have no idea where the hell you are. And wetsuits are sexy. Everyone looks good in a full suit. All guys look like Batman, all girls look like Catwoman. Watching the parade of sexy super heroes getting in and out of the water is always fun.

I’ll tell you what we love most, though. When you and your bros get out of the water, all happy and soaking wet. Now THAT is fun to watch. When you take your wetsuit halfway off and do some stuff while you’re half naked, take your time, really. It’s fine. That’s the real reason we watch you surf. Thought you’d like to know.


Leap of Her
Leap of Her


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