It’s Complicated • Fascinating Tan Lines

By: Leap of Her •

We’ve noticed a trend of killer complicated strappy-back swimwear for women this season. Guys, I’m here to tell you that your girlfriend is going to need a little help back there. Even if she’s an acro-yogi, some of these styles she will NOT be able to get into herself. Those of you who learned advanced knot tying in the Navy should be fine. Anyone old enough to remember macramé will know what I’m talking about. Keen concentration and fine motor skills will be necessary. The time to train is now.

On the upside, these things look amazing on the body and leave a fascinating tan line.  Lucky for all of us the ass-pants trend continues this season as well, so at least you’ll have plenty to look at while you’re back there. You're welcome.

Image: Beach Riot x Free People


Leap of Her
Leap of Her


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