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The ass is having a moment. No question. It’s all anyone is talking about.

Gone are the days when your girl would ask you “does my ass look fat in these jeans?” in hopes that your answer would be NO. (The answer to that question, btw is always “you look amazing, babe”)

Not convinced by the Kim Kardashian/Nikki Minaj/IggyAzalia trifecta? Head to the beach. The female posterior has been having its moment on SoCal beaches for years, and  we are happy to report that this trend will continue. This is not the butt-floss-thong of yesteryear, thank god. This tiny piece of cheek baring Lycra is actually quite comfortable. The goddess of mainstream women’s fashion known as Victoria’s Secret has named this year’s tiny bikini bottom Itsy and it is indeed tiny. Itsy takes its rightful place beside last year’s, slightly larger, Cheeky. Our take? It’s going to be a fun summer.

Victoria's Secret

Leap of Her
Leap of Her


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